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Eliminate Painful, Loose Dentures for Good


Why Dentures Are Limiting

Are you struggling with dentures that do not fit properly? The reason behind ill-fitting dentures is jawbone loss happening beneath. When teeth are missing, the roots no longer stimulate the jaw bone and without this stimulation, the bone will shrink. Dentures often accelerate this resorption process, which is why more often than not, they feel loose or shift in your mouth when you eat, speak, or laugh. Living with unstable teeth is often what limits patients to a life of pain, embarrassment, and poor health, and is one of the most common concerns our patients express. You do not have to continue living with the limitations and discomforts of dentures, however. As surgical experts, we can provide a permanent, life-changing solution for patients in your situation through full mouth dental implants.

When to Consider Dental Implants

  • Your dentures click when you eat and speak
  • Your dentures rarely stay secure, even with pastes
  • You fear your dentures will fall out
  • You cannot eat the foods you once enjoyed
  • You have lost confidence in yourself
  • Your oral and overall health is declining

Choose the Permanent Solution

Full mouth dental implants provide patients suffering from extensive tooth and bone loss with a permanent return to superior function, health, and aesthetics. Because dental implants are securely placed into your jawbone, they will keep the bone healthy and provide a stable foundation for your new teeth. Unlike dentures, full mouth dental implants replace all elements of missing teeth so you can enjoy the same functionality and health benefits afforded by healthy natural teeth. Overall, full mouth dental implants let you leave the painful and embarrassing limitations of dentures behind for good! Often in as little as one surgical appointment, we can transition you from your current situation to a significantly improved quality of life and health!

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Care Guided by Expertise and Technology

Our oral surgeons are specialists in placing dental implants and have helped hundreds of patients with loose dentures find a confident, healthy life with full arch solutions. Backed by decades of experience and advanced technology, our oral maxillofacial surgeons and lab technician collaborate to provide a personalized treatment plan for you. Our digitally-guided treatment lets you see a simulation of your smile first, then guides our surgery procedure, and ensures your entire experience is comfortable, streamlined, and predictable. Even if you have been living with painful, loose dentures for years, we have the skill to restore your health and confidence with full arch dental implants. Take the first step toward a new smile and restored quality of life by scheduling a consultation with our oral surgeons today.

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