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Prepare for Dental Implants with Gentle Tooth Extractions

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Expert, Comfortable Tooth Removal

Many circumstances necessitate tooth extractions, the most common of which include teeth that are too severely damaged, decayed, or diseased to be saved with conservative measures. If you have suffered dental trauma and have a broken or fractured tooth, we will most likely be able to remove the tooth and place a dental implant at the same appointment, especially if it is a tooth that is visible when you smile. However, if you have been living with gum disease or have failing teeth due to severe decay, we may recommend multiple tooth extractions to preserve the health of your mouth. In advanced cases like these, we can restore your smile back to its original health and function—and sometimes better than before—with permanent full mouth dental implants. No matter your circumstance, rest assured you are receiving expert, comfortable tooth removal from some of the country’s most experienced oral and facial surgeons who can help you return to a life of health, function, and confidence.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Failed root canal
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Dental Implants: The Permanent Tooth Replacement

For many patients whose situation requires tooth extractions, we recommend replacing the failed tooth with dental implants. The only permanent tooth replacement option, dental implants restore comparable function and aesthetics after a tooth has been pulled. In more complex cases involving many tooth extractions in a single arch, we can permanently replace a full set of teeth with full arch implant solutions. As oral and facial surgeons, our expertise lies in surgical procedures such as tooth extractions and dental implant placement. In our accredited surgical facility, we have created a safe and comfortable atmosphere equipped with technologies and all anesthesia services monitored by our certified nurse anesthetist. Needing tooth extractions may seem like a hopeless situation but removing decayed or damaged teeth actually get you one step closer to a healthy, functional, and attractive smile with dental implants. You may be closer than you think if you are a candidate for same-day tooth extractions and dental implant surgery. Learn how we can help and see if you qualify for immediate dental implants by scheduling your consultation today.

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  • "It was important to me to have an oral surgeon remove my wisdom teeth"

Prepare your smile for implants with expert extraction.