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A Secure, Functional Smile Is with Dental Implants

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Eliminate Loose Dentures for Good

Imagine if you could eat, talk, and laugh without fearing your dentures will loosen, slip, or fall out? This is possible with implant supported dentures! A more permanent alternative to conventional dentures, this solution combines the revolutionary benefits of dental implants with the natural aesthetics of modern dentures. With a secure smile, you will be able to get rid of your loose and embarrassing dentures for good—and improve your confidence and quality of life long-term! Schedule your first consultation with our oral surgeons today to see how implant supported dentures can benefit you.

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Dental Implants Are the Answer

Dental implants act just like natural tooth roots, giving your jawbone the stimulation it needs to remain strong and dense. Dentures rest on the gums and accelerate bone loss, which frequently leads to loose dentures and painful gum irritation. Even with traditional dentures, your face can take on an aged, “sunken in” appearance. When two or more dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw, they provide a stable base that your denture can securely attach to. This ensures your bone does not continue to shrink and keeps your dentures from loosening when you talk, eat, or laugh. For both health and function, dental implants are the answer to the limitations you are experiencing with dentures. By upgrading to implant supported dentures, you can enjoy a life free from denture pastes or adhesives and fear your teeth will loosen or fall out.  

Benefiting from Secure Teeth

Implant supported dentures give you the secure smile you need to feel confident and improve your health. With more stable teeth, you can experience the following life-changing benefits:

  • Eat all the foods you love
  • Never fear loose dentures again
  • Feel confident with attractive teeth
  • Improve health and wellbeing
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New Teeth from Expert Oral Surgeons

Our oral surgeons are specially trained and focused on dental implant treatment, especially for patients who have dentures or are missing most or all their teeth. Employing such technology as 3D imaging and guided implant surgery, we provide predictable surgery for the greatest long-term results. As each patient’s case is unique, we take a collaborative approach between our surgeons, lab technician, nurse anesthetist (if necessary), and your dentist. This way, we plan the most precise and personalized treatment plan for your needs, which greatly improves the success of our treatment and your overall experience with us. If you are tired of the limitations of your dentures, we have the solution for you with implant supported dentures and the team who can get you from a painful smile to one of secure function, health, and beauty.

Take the first step toward a more secure smile today.

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