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Surgery Made Comfortable and Predictable

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Guiding Treatment with Advanced Technology

One of the greatest advancements in implant surgery is technology like CHROME™ GuidedSmile. CHROME is a combination of digital software and physical surgical guides used by our oral surgeons to make your surgery as comfortable and predictable as possible. Leveraging CHROME technology, our surgeons, dental lab technician, and your dentist can collaborate to create the best treatment plan, precision implant surgery, and life-like restorations for your unique situation and goals. The expertise and skill of our team of oral surgeons is unparalleled, but with the assistance of CHROME technology and guided implant surgery, we can ensure treatment that is even more predictable and effective than ever before. Learn more about our advanced dental implant treatment by scheduling your consultation today and seeing a simulation of what your smile will look like with dental implants!

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  • Chrome Guided Implants - Precise placement of dental implants

Our CHROME GuidedSmile Process

We begin each treatment process with panoramic images of your mouth using our 3D cone beam CT technology. Using these images as reference, we digitally design your new smile, which you can see before treatment even begins. These images also help us design custom temporaries and final restorations and the surgical guides used during implant placement. Having already planned the most accurate location to place your dental implants before surgery begins, these guides will ensure your surgery goes exactly to plan for the most precise results. This also ensures that the restoration we attach to the implants fits precisely as well to provide the greatest functional and aesthetic results. For patients needing full mouth dental implants, the outcomes of our surgeries are profound and life-changing.

Why Choose Guided Implant Surgery?

  • Streamlined treatment process
  • Safer, more precise surgery
  • Predictable, long-term outcomes
  • Greater tooth function and aesthetics
  • Reduced risk of complications
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Advanced Care from Surgical Experts

As oral surgeons, we have achieved the highest level of training in dental implants and with decades of combined experience, we represent some of the most accomplished and skilled surgeons in our community. With a collaborative approach to each patient case and aesthetically drive treatment modalities, our use of CHROME GuidedSmile only enhances the expertise we bring to your implant care. Schedule your appointment today to meet our team and learn how dental implants can change your life.

Get the predictable results your smile deserves.